Consuming Ajwa Dates in raw or any preparation form is beneficial from both physical as well as spiritual aspects – as it is a highly recommended sunnah of the beloved Prophet (PBUH).

Ajwa Dates have a unique texture defined by fine lines, soft pulpy and comparatively smaller in size. This variety is know for it medicinal properties and is highly beneficial in:

1- Prevention of occurrences of abdominal cancer

2- Prevention of anemia

3- Strengthening of nervous system

4- Treatment of hypertension

5- Building healthy bones

6- Improving healthy skin and eyesight

7- Protecting from pellagra, a type of Vitamin B3 deficiency

8- Treatment of dementia and fatigue

9- Reducing triglycerides and cholesterol levels (LDL) in the blood

10- Protecting the heart and improving blood circulation

11- Protection against atherosclerosis and heart problems, and for protein metabolism

12- Healthy pregnancy and ease of child-birth

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