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Your blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar level and many other factors play a vital role in heart disease. As you age, increased are the chances of heart attack as your blood pressure, sugar level and cholesterol are not at the level where it was at a more youthful age.

To avoid any unforeseen heart attack, you need to be careful and must monitor these factors with care. Everyone knows how dangerous heart disease can be for anyone and the serious consequences associated with it.

"HAPPY QALB" saves your from heart attack and other heart diseases and makes you competent to stay away from this critical disease.

"HAPPY QALB" is 100% vegetarian and with daily consumption, a heart patient can get quick relief from heart diseases. Likewise, this can be consumed by each individual in your house which can prevent them from any forthcoming diseases.

This does not have any side effects as "HAPPY QALB" powder is produced using an exceptional Saudi Arabian date named “Ajwa". That is why, it can be consumed by any person be it child, adult or old and it will help prevent you from any forthcoming diseases.

"HAPPY QALB" powder keeps your heart healthy and makes it strong. That is why we say, "Healthy Heart, Happy Life."

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